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I know this isn't a Western Union thread but if anyone here can help please do! I just ordered 8 fakes on IDGod and I westernunioned it but I did it online and after that my deadass saw the email that said dont do western union online go to a western union location but I already sent the money and did the phone call and what not am I fucked people please tell me I'm not fucked.
Ideally I wouldn't have to like call the WU people to cancel my order and also send the money in person. Is there a difference between Western Union online and Western Union locations? Are they just being hard asses in their email or are they being serious?
Western Union Help Please
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Exchange Bitcoin to Western Union, Bank Wire & Paypal ...

2. Western Union/MoneyGram for those outside USA or Canada seems to be easy to use! (Email me if you would like to donate via Moneygram, etc. You can use these, as an alternative) the instructions ... Exchange BTC to Western Union LINK : https://www.bitexpay.net -----TAG----- bitcoin to western union bitcoin t... I have been sending a lot of Western Union transfers lately. The other day I get a call which shows up on my phone as an 800 number and says Western Union in caller ID. They tell me thank you for ... bitcoin or western union idgod bitcoin cash western union bitcoin a western union sell bitcoin western union eur from bitcoin to western union how to transfer bitcoin to western union how to send ... Bitcoinscashout.com is Leading Company to Exchange Bitcoin to Western Union, Bank Wire & Paypal, Exchange Bitcoin to skrill okpay webmoney, Exchange Bitcoin ...