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Tokenomy June Highlights!

Tokenomy June Highlights!

Welcome to the Tokenomy June Highlights — your monthly digest of Tokenomy’s past, ongoing and upcoming activities all through the month.

Highlights of the Month!

1. HNST has successfully migrated to the BNB chain and has been listed on Binance Dex
Honest Mining has recently announced that their partnership with Binance and their migration to the Binance Chain ecosystem. By migrating to Binance Chain, Honest Mining is in a position to maximize its utility of Honest (HNST) token in the near future. All HNST holders will also be able to enjoy the near-instant transaction finality and one-second block times that Binance Chain offers.
Following our previous announcement, the migration and support of the Binance Chain’s BEP-2 standard has been completed on Tokenomy Exchange as of 19 June 2019. All deposit and withdrawal functions have since reopened.
2. FlywithTEN PlayGame Competition has successfully concluded!
Last month, in celebration of PlayGame’s partnership with Tokenomy, we launched FlywithTEN PlayGame competition! For this competition, participants had a fun time brushing up on their flying skills playing PlayGame’s Floppy Bird while standing a chance to win some exciting prizes.
Total Prize 5gr of Gold will be distributed to the Top Score Winner and 3 Lucky Winners!Want to know if you could be one of the lucky winners? 📷📷
We will officially announce the Winners LIVE on the 4th July 2019. Remember to keep a lookout for the announcement on our Telegram chat groups and Social Media Accounts!
📷Top Score Rewards: 📷Winner: 1 gram of Gold
📷Participation Rewards: 📷Lucky winner #1: 2 grams of Gold 📷Lucky winner #2: 1 gram of Gold 📷Lucky winner #3: 1 gram of Gold
We thank you for being an enthusiastic participant and supporter of FlywithTEN PlayGame Competition.
3. Tokenomy @ CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit in London
Tom Lee giving a talk on the future of Bitcoin
Tokenomy CTO Rick Behl together with Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin guru and author of the best-selling Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money Series and Mastering Ethereum.
Earlier this month, our Chief Technology Officer Rick Behl attended the CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit in London. The CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit is London’s first crypto, blockchain and finance conference to bring together institutional, retail and regulatory crypto experts.
The summit revolved around four key themes: institutional involvement, crypto-asset and market regulation, the overall technology revolution, and the disruptive financial tools needed to propel the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It featured a great line-up of speakers, including keynotes from Andreas M. Antonopoulos, author of the best-selling Mastering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency experts from Binance, London Stock Exchange Group, Nasdaq and UBS.
Overall, it was a fulfilling conference for Tokenomy with networking, partnership opportunities and expert talks on the latest trends in the industry!

Upcoming and Ongoing Events

1. Launch of Tokenomy Charity, in collaboration with Kitabisa
Last month, we announced the launch of a brand new feature on Launchpad: Tokenomy Charity!
Tokenomy Charity aims to extend our support to charity causes kickstarted on KitaBisa by allowing our members to make donations using cryptocurrencies (TEN, BTC, ETH, or USDT).
With the launch of Tokenomy Charity, we also introduced two very special projects in collaboration with KitaBisa:
Project 1 — IT Islamic Boarding School
Patungan Bangun Pesantren is currently raising funds to build an IT Islamic Boarding School that focuses on imparting technology expertise along with Islamic values to young Muslim children. By equipping our Muslim students with programming and digital marketing skills, we empower our children to contribute to the Indonesian society in valuable ways.
Project 2 — Javier’s Treatment
Our second project hopes to raise funds for a young boy, Javier who is currently suffering from Leukemia. 2 years ago, Javier was a happy and carefree boy. However, after returning home from a holiday, Javier started to fall sick. Even after going through multiple treatments in Indonesia, Javier could not be cured. Javier’s parents were told that he will stand a better fighting chance by seeking treatment in Singapore.
Currently, Javier is undergoing chemotherapy in Singapore, but the total cost of his treatment in Singapore is a shocking 100 times of the family’s monthly income in Indonesia.
Donate to make a difference, find out how you can help Patungan Bangun Pesantren and little Javier here:

2. Indodax’s Community Coin Voting 10, in collaboration with Tokenomy
Indodax’s Community Coin Voting, in collaboration with Tokenomy, is back and currently ongoing!
What is Indodax Community Coin Voting? Indodax Community Coin Voting is a program to determine the new coins/tokens that are to be listed on Indodax, based on the demand of our very own members. This program has been running for more than a year and till date, more than 18.6 million TEN has been utilised by members to take part in the voting!
Find out how you can participate in Indodax Community Coin Voting using TEN here! Stand a chance to win Datsun Go or Honda Beat Pop and Total 5 million Rupiah of Vouchers for 50 winners by voting for your favourite coin on Indodax when you use TEN!
For more information, please visit here!
About Indodax: Indodax (formerly known as, Tokenomy’s affiliated company in Indonesia, has become one the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia, and has a shared login with Tokenomy Exchange.

3. Tokenomy Will Support Vexanium (VEX) Mainnet Migration
As Vexanium will be launching their mainnet soon. Tokenomy is happy to announce that we will be supporting the upcoming Vexanium (VEX) Token migration to VEX Mainnet!During the migration, Tokenomy will temporarily suspend all deposits and withdrawals of VEX Token.
For more information, please visit here!
And that’s it for now! Thanks for tuning to this month’s updates!
Sign up for a Tokenomy account to start trading and become a part of our active community!
There will be more exciting announcements and events coming your way. Be sure to keep yourself up-to-date with all our social media channels or sign up for our Tokenomy Newsletter!
Thank you, Tokenomy Team
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Tokenomy May Highlights

Tokenomy May Highlights
Welcome to another issue of the Tokenomy Monthly Report!
Dalam Bahasa Indonesia | 中文
Below are some of our highlights and key developments since our Tokenomy April Highlights.

Highlights of the Month:

1. BlockJakarta

Tokenomy COO Ken Chia at BlockJakarta
BlockJakarta brought together over 300 participants for a day-long conference exploring the opportunities and challenges in Blockchain technology.
We hosted our own booth, educating others about Tokenomy’s value, and Ken Chia sat in on a panel discussion highlighting trends in crypto adoption throughout Indonesia.

2. PlayGame Partnership
PlayGame (PXG), the first blockchain-based digital game arcade in Indonesia, started as a successful ICO through Tokenomy Launchpad back in September 2018.
Our recently launched partnership with PlayGame further streamlines the gaming process— TEN tokens are now accepted as payment for competition registration and prize pool currency.
It is simple to purchase TEN tokens! They are available through a variety of channels including retail stores and E-banking.
For more details and examples on how to buy TEN tokens, please refer to this informative article!

3. Mobile Friendly Display

We recognize and appreciate that many of our users visit our platform via mobile devices — we are excited to share that the Tokenomy Exchange interface is now optimized for mobile!
Try it out yourself on the Tokenomy Exchange!

4. TEN Token Statistics

As a platform and a community, we have made significant progress in our journey so far! We would like to share some a few statistics on TEN, our native token:
  • Total TEN Token Holders: 42,000
  • TEN Average Daily Trading Volume: $223,228
  • TEN May Trading Volume: $5,580,702

Ongoing Events

FlywithTEN PlayGame Competition
The FlywithTEN PlayGame Competition just kicked off a few days ago, celebrating our recent partnership with PlayGame! Use your TEN tokens to pilot FloppyBird to a high score and stand a chance at winning great prizes.
It is easy to join:
  1. Visit the game link here and click on competitions
  2. Select Fly with TEN
  3. Contribute 1 TEN token into the prize pool as a registration fee and enjoy!
Top Score Rewards
  • Winner: 1 gram of Gold
Participation Rewards
  • Lucky winner #1: 2 grams of Gold
  • Lucky winner #2: 1 gram of Gold
  • Lucky winner #3: 1 gram of Gold
View the full press release and contest details here.

Tokenomy Charity
We have partnered with Kitabisa, one of Indonesia’s largest crowdfunding platforms for social initiatives, to roll out this exciting new feature!
Through Tokenomy Charity, you can practise philanthropy and make donations to causes that you care about using cryptocurrencies of your choice (TEN, BTC, ETH, or USDT).
We will kick off this partnership with two projects: IT Islamic Boarding School and Javier’s Treatment.
Read more about the projects in detail here, and start using this new feature on our website.

Indodax’s Community Coin Voting 9
In collaboration with Tokenomy, Indodax is holding a Community Coin Voting 9 event, where attractive prizes will be up for grabs! Stand a chance to win Honda Beat Pop eSP and Total 10 million Rupiah of Vouchers for 100 winners by voting for your favourite coin on Indodax using TEN!
For more information, please visit here!
About Indodax: Indodax (formerly known as, Tokenomy’s affiliated company in Indonesia, has become one the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia, and has a shared login with Tokenomy Exchange.

Happy Eid Mubarak 1440H

Tokenomy team wishes you and all Tokenomy members a Happy Eid Mubarak 1440 H. May the day delight and the moments measure all the special joys for all of you to treasure, May the year ahead be fruitful too, for your home family and especially for you all.

Sign up for a Tokenomy account to start trading and become a part of our active community!

There will be more exciting announcements and events coming your way. Be sure to keep yourself up-to-date with all our social media channels or sign up for our Tokenomy Newsletter!

Thank you, Tokenomy Team

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BitBall (btb) is now added to @indodax #cryptocurrency exchange for voting !

BitBall (btb) is now added to @indodax #cryptocurrency exchange for voting !
Largest Digital Asset Exchange In #Indonesia (Formerly with more than 1.6 Million users registered with a trading volume of more than $20,000,000 daily.
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Qtum Officially Launched in Indonesia's largest Digital Asset Exchange INDODAX Today

Origonal Article
Recently, Indonesia's leading digital asset exchange INDODAX announced the launch of the QTUM/IDR transaction pair. It is reported that the QTUM recharge channel will be opened at 12 noon on February 18th in the time of the Indo-China Peninsula (East Seven District), and the trading channel will be open at the same time the next day.
In 2018, the media predicted that only one cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia may soon have more registered users than the country's 106-year-old stock exchange.
INDODAX is the largest compliant digital asset exchange in Indonesia. “INDODAX” was launched in 2014 and is headquartered in Bali. It was formerly and currently has 1.14 million registered users who comply with KYC policies.
In contrast, Indonesia's national stock exchange has a total of 1.18 million registered users who trade stocks, futures, exchange-traded funds and listed company options for a total value of $520 billion. The latest data for 2018 shows that the total market value of Indonesian cryptocurrency is 355 billion US dollars, reaching an all-time high of 830 billion US dollars in January 2018.
INDODAX CEO said Oscar Darmawan said: “There are currently nearly 3,000 new users registering the INDODAX platform for digital asset transactions every day.”

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Regarding Suspended Withdrawal from Binance

Okay, so when the issue about suspended XLM withdrawal from Binance arose, I don't think much about it. After all, just last month Polo has the exact same issue and they fix it in about a week. Since nearly all exchange use only 1 wallet for ALL their users, you can check their XLM balance and most of the time there'll be millions if not billions of XLM sitting there, easing yourself from worry of being mt goxed.
So, just today out of curiosity I decided to check binance stellar wallet...Now, there's only about 100K XLM sitting on their wallet.
You can check it by yourself, and compare it with other exchange wallet:
Now, I know that this doesn't mean that binance is mtgoxing us. A lot of possible scenario that I can think of is that they have another wallet to store XLM safely, or that they decided to create a new wallet and move the fund there. Or maybe they decided to apply 1 wallet per user policy, and begin redistributing user's XLM to each their own wallet (ala how XRP wallet works in Polo).
It'll be nice though if someone from Binance can confirm what exactly happened, and whether our funds is still safe there or not, since the low amount of XLM on their public address kinda make me worried. There's no way an exhange with more that $100 million of XLM volume only has around 100K XLM on their wallet.
EDIT: Apparently they have another wallet here and been transferring all of our deposit to that wallet. Why they decided to use separate wallet, I don't know though
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[Ask] Bitcoin for Beginner

I have an interest to buy Bitcoin for personal use and investment but have very limited knowledge on how to do it especially in Indonesia.
A bit background:
My current understanding:
Here are my questions:
If there is a mistake in my understanding, please let me know :)
If anyone can provide a tutorial for newbie like me, It would be appreciated.
Thank you very much
Edit: Formatting and add more question.
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New Exchanges for NavCoin

I was thinking. In order for Nav to become more useful Nav needs to be traded on more exchanges. Preferably on Fiat <—-> Crypto. What are the very best exchanges that Nav could be listed on?
I was thinking of selecting exchanges based on country.
South-Korea have KRW trading pairs India have INR trading pairs Japan Turky have TRY trading pairs Poland have PLN trading pairs Thailand have THB trading pairs Indonesia have IDN trading pairs
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Tokenomy December Report

Tokenomy December Report
Dalam Bahasa Indonesia | 中文

Greetings to all of you in the Tokenomy Community!
Welcome back to Tokenomy’s Monthly Report Update! Every month, the team aims to keep you updated on the progress that we have made by filling you in on the highlights of upcoming developments and updates happening in Tokenomy.

Tokenomy Event Footprint of the Month:

Introduction to Blockchain and Digital Asset Roadshow

Roadshow in Medan
PassFM Jogjakarta Radio Show
The Tokenomy Team, along with our friends from Indodax, Lyfe, and Honest Mining, held a Roadshow in 7 Indonesian cities, where we got together and discussed Blockchain and its implementation with the community.
We also had the privilege of being on a radio show, Pass FM Jogjakarta, to share more on Tokenomy and Blockchain technology to a wider audience (read).

BlockBali Summit 2018

Tokenomy’s CEO, Christian Hsieh, speaking at the BlockBali Summit
The BlockBali Summit, Asia’s biggest Blockchain conference, connected global blockchain gurus and technology players with Indonesian government & business leaders. The event was attended by over 500 experts and corporate stakeholders from various countries. In his address, “Beyond Bitcoin — the Future of Token Economy”, Tokenomy’s CEO, Christian Hsieh, spoke at the Summit regarding the future outlook of the Token Economy and how different types of crypto projects can shape our world to function more efficiently in the future (read).

Tokenomy Highlights of the Month:

  1. Bitcoin Hard Fork + BCHABC and BCHSV now available on Tokenomy Exchange (read)
  2. Lyfe’s Token Sale — The Lyfe Token Sale recently concluded, where a total of 8,729,173,382 LYFE Tokens were sold! (read)
  3. HARA’s Token Pre-Sale concludes successfully — HARA exceeded the soft cap during the Token Pre-Sale by more than twice the anticipated volume, selling a total of 28,800,000 HART (read)
  4. Changes to Tokenomy Launchpad’s Affiliate Program (read)
  5. CyberMiles (CMT) trading resumes on Tokenomy Exchange (read)
  6. Delisting of Trading Pairs on Tokenomy Exchange (read)

Upcoming Events:

TokenMarket Presents: “An Introduction to Security Token Offerings”

We are excited to announce that TokenMarket, in collaboration with Tokenomy, will be holding our first ever meetup in Singapore! Join us for an evening of complimentary drinks, food and discussion around how the development of Security Tokens can help revolutionise the securities market as we know it. Tickets are limited, so sign up now!
For more information:
About TokenMarket: TokenMarket provides a hub for ICO, STO sales and blockchain projects. TokenMarket is designed to make the world of digital asset creation simple and offer industry leading advice to clients. TokenMarket will soon be partnering with Tokenomy to expand its ventures in Asia. TokenMarket will work directly with Tokenomy on its ICO advisory service providing its insights and veteran token sale experience from advising on 30+ token sales.

XCard’s Token Sale

We are very excited to announce Tokenomy will soon be launching a new project on Tokenomy Launchpad! XCard’s Token Sale will commence on 17th December 2018, 3 PM (GMT+8). Click here to buy MBM!
Read more:
More projects are coming soon on Tokenomy Launchpad! Stay tuned for more updates!

Indodax’s Community Coin Voting VI

In collaboration with Tokenomy, Indodax is holding a Community Coin Voting event, where attractive prizes will be up for grabs! Stand to win a holiday to South Korea & Bali, a brand-new Samsung S9, and TEN Tokens by voting for your favourite coin on Indodax!
For more information:
About Indodax: Indodax (formerly known as, Tokenomy’s affiliated company in Indonesia, has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia, and has a shared login with Tokenomy Exchange. Indodax was founded by Tokenomy’s current Chief Technology Officer, William Sutanto, and our Chief Marketing Officer, Oscar Darmawan.

Hop on over to sign up at Tokenomy Exchange to start trading today and be a part of our active community!

Thank you, Tokenomy Team

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IGNIS deposits/withdrawals at successfully tested

I've successfully tested IGNIS deposits/withdrawals at Deposit took about 10 minutes, withdrawal - 2 hours since ordered. ATTENTION! when deposit IGNIS, you MUST include specified unencrypted message to the transaction, otherwise you will loose your coins.
Other useful tips:
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Jual/beli Bitcoin atau Ethereum paling terpercaya di Indonesia?

Thoughts? Mind to share your experience? Is reliable? Sorry if it's somehow out of topic, but I can't really find other place to ask.
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One Of Lyfe's Founder Is An Influential Cryptocurrency Figure

One of the founders of Lyfe is also the most influential cryptocurrency figure in Indonesia, his name is Oscar Darmawan.
Oscar is the founder of Indodax, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange (used to be known as PT BitCoin Indonesia/ Indodax, on the other hand, is the biggest digital asset marketplace in Southeast Asia, with more than 1.5 million active members and daily trading volume as high as 230 million USD. Also, in 2018, Oscar proceeded to found Tokenomy, one of the most successful ICO project in Southeast Asia. Tokenomy was founded by Oscar and DokterSehat first advisor & partner, Christian Hsieh, which turned to be the biggest Global Token Platform and the principal player in the tokenization economy.
For more information:
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I need help - cryptowallet

I got into cryptocurrency recently, and I just could not grasp the concept of cryptowallet. I need somebody to explain it to me like the old fart that I am.
Do I need more than one wallets? Should I buy a hardware wallet? What about mobile or desktop or web wallet?
I need to keep my Lumens and Ripple away from otherwise I will always be tempted to day trade them. I've driven my family crazy since I've spent my whole days off glued to the laptop screen.
So please help me understand how cryptowallet works. The next time you're in Bali, I'll take you on sunset dinner(s) in Kedonganan beach.
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How to buy TRX?

I'm new on this Crypto space.
After lurking at altcoin and heard some pretty interesting things about TRX. Currently the only crypto that I have is XRP and XLM. My exchange don't have TRX.
So can anyone tell me how is the "easiest" way to buy TRX?
For the information, the exchange that i use ( is pretty simple. I just trasnfer money to their bank account and it will appear in my account just like standard security brokerage account. I can buy BTC or ETH (from my exchange) if it is needed to be used in Binance.
Thank you.
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Looking for fellow cryptocurrencies enthusiast

I always want to discuss with fellow indonesian people, because the discussion in /bitcoin, /ethereum etc are kinda too far for my current knowledge. Also I feel limited because the only way to enter crypto world here is through and it's not really ideal.
I still hope there's a way to buy ether, litecoin or doge directly with rupiah.. huhu
is there any subreddit for indo cryptocoin discussion?
Edit : uhuk.. pake bahasa indo aja biar gampang hehe
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About Oscar Darmawan, One Of The Founder Of Lyfe

Oscar Darmawan is one of the founders of Lyfe and is also the most influential cryptocurrency figure in Indonesia. He is the founder of Indodax, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange (used to be known as PT Bit Coin Indonesia/
In 2018, Oscar went to found Tokenomy, one of the most successful ICO project in Southeast Asia. Tokenomy was founded by Oscar and DokterSehat first advisor & partner, Christian Hsieh, to be the biggest Global Token Platform and the principal player in the tokenisation economy.
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Did You Know That One of Lyfe Wellness Founder Established Indodax

One of the founder of Lyfe is also the most influential cryptocurrency figure in Indonesia, Oscar Darmawan. He is the founder of Indodax, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange (used to be known as PT Bit Coin Indonesia/
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BitShares -- Links To BitShares Foundation, Communities, Block Explorer, etc.

Thanks to Tsugimoto, we have a great collection of documentation to understand more about the BitShares Foundation, the BitShares communities & much more. The list also includes the BitShares Block-Explorer and some exchanges where BitShares can be bought.

Bitshares Foundation

BitShares Communities

Beyond Bitcoin - Bitshares

BitShares Home

Bitshares Block Exploer

BitShares Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

BitShares Exchanges

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Bitcoin Indonesia Withholding Funds - Changed 2FA verification and not accepting valid verification documents

Be careful with Bitcoin Indonesia right now. Even more so if you're a U.S. citizen or have significant funds in there. About a week ago I had to change phones to swap around Google Authenticator 2FA. I've been a customer of theirs for about 2 years now. I used their platform as it was one of the only ones that traded NEM (XEM) at the time. I bought some of it as a long term investment and kind of walked away for a while as I also was caught in the Cryptsy heist.
Fortunately NEM took off and I still had all of my account login credentials stored and been using it actively for a few months; mostly moving funds out but at times shuffling on the exchange.
The site is actually not so bad to trade on but kind of limited in that they don't really offer TETHER or other ways other than IDR (fiat) to hedge against things like well.. A bitcoin $19,000 USD.
Last week instead of using my QR code I’ve had stored, I did a mass migration of disabling 2FA and re-enabling 2FA on a number of sites including
When I tried re-enabling 2FA, the site claims a SMS code would be used to confirm turning on 2FA again. However mysteriously the SMS’s aren’t coming through. I contacted my phone service provider and they confirmed the SMS from Indonesia should be coming through (no blocks). The site claims it is not verifying U.S. citizens (valid passport provided). I also requested (as Bitfinex did) a grace period to properly close my account however no help is being given to do so. I was told I had to “preferably” come to Bandung Indonesia (about 2 days flying there, two back, $1500-$2000 flight) in order to work something out. Who knows what that is too as it sounds like extortion. My address has always been correct on this account for the last 2 years and never recall seeing any warnings I had to get off the site.
I don’t recall ever receiving any kind of notice and even on their support page their “English translation” button is a flag of the United States of America (not like “England”).
I figure I could try hiring an attorney locally or see if I could work with the FBI as they do have some remedies but not sure. I mean I do want to visit Bali but not until probably April and considering the situation seems a prime opportunity to somehow get robbed. Has anyone else had this problem? Either way I wouldn’t recommend anyone keeping funds on this exchange U.S. or not as they haven’t resolved this issue and it’s been over a week. Considering the bitcoin bubble is probably popping on 12/9 or 12/10 (CBOE futures) this is pretty bad I’m not being helped on this issue. I even have addresses I’ve sent to in the recent past that would be acceptable to send to. They don’t seem to have a local phone/skype (I can resolve anything remotely I could in the office) and this is rather… suspicious.
Again, be cautions about keeping funds on the exchange. All it takes is them arbitrarily not giving you access approving the activation of 2FA and you’re effectively stuck.
If one of the reps want screenshots of the emails and account (i'd black out anything sensitive) I could do so proving this is really happening. If any Bitcoin/MEDIA sites wants PROOF i don't mind working with you on a story as well.
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Ignis after 1,5 hours open on

I report Ignis market on after 1,5 hours
open price: IDR 30.000
lowest: IDR 12.000
higest: IDR 35.000
after 1,5 hours: IDR 24.000
Volume: est IDR ($8.5M)
$1 = IDR 13.500
opening price pict:
1 mins chart:
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Why bitcoin can even help with international fiat transactions.

I had to send money from a European account to an Indonesian account. I noticed how the fees on conventional methods are insanely high, so being part of the bitcoin community, I thought there must be a better way.
Very recently an Indonesian Bitcoin exchange opened ( The volume is still low, at around 10 bitcoins, but I thought let's give it a try. I bought a bitcoin at kraken for euros, immediately transferred the bitcoin, and my friend was able to cash it without much trouble. and with very low fees.
I'm still surprised how fluently this all happened. Thanks bitcoin, for being there.
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Dear team support or anyone guys on poloniex, I very need your help. 4 month ago at 2017-08-03 01:52:56 I try to witdraw my STR 28775.21883287 to address GC4KAS6W2YCGJGLP633A6F6AKTCV4WSLMTMIQRSEQE5QRRVKSX7THV6S memo id 27833, but I got error with status complete error, I dont receive my str on adress destination (wallet on and my str balance in poloniex is empty. Without hash or tx id. SS
Please Mike-Poloniex help me to solved this problem and resend my str coin. My ticket is #549691 STR WITDRAW COMPLETE ERROR. Please help me, I need it, Thankyou Very Much.
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It's not just a loyalty program, it's an ecosystem.

In Asia, a majority of retailers use online promo marketing platforms such as Groupon, Dianping or Meituan to win new customers. Promo marketing strategies rely heavily on campaigns on these platforms which provide substantial traffic and sales. These platforms charge an average of 15% - 20% in commission per transaction through a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) or CPS (Cost Per Sale) structure. An increasing number of retailers struggle because these commissions together with the discounts offered represent too high a proportion of their margins. To protect margins, retailers often end up giving lackluster promotions that are either unattractive or with unrealistic terms.
Meanwhile, customers are often frustrated when trying to utilize a voucher or redeem their gift cards and coupons. Common difficulties include using vouchers that have already been utilized, expired, are lost or with unreasonable T&C requirements.
“By using the VEXANIUM platform, companies can create points in loyalty program applications in the form of digital tokens, "said Danny Baskara. "Typically such incentives are rewards to customers in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) activity. The tokens can also be converted into coupons or points that can be used in corporate applications, "
A study conducted by GfK concluded that 49% of consumers would gladly switch brands for savings in the form of a coupon. In the retail market, South-East Asia and Indonesia, in particular, are some of the fastest growing markets globally, with the latter boasting a population of over 260 million people. The importance of vouchers and coupons for retailers to attract new customers in those regions is significant.
VEX token will be listed on Tokenomy upon launching of the platform. Partnering with (former, the biggest digital asset exchange in Southeast Asia, Tokenomy helps VEX access to 1,000,000+ potential investors and traders.
The VEX app features an integration with selected crypto exchanges in order to allow users to directly trade their VEX token balance on the exchange. Also, the VEX Exchange will allow consumers to trade vouchers among themselves and set their own prices. Customers will be able to store and redeem their voucher tokens via VEXANIUM app.
One game-changing use case of the VEX Platform is the lucrative “airdrop” market, which will allow blockchain companies to create airdrop campaigns for acquiring new customers and rewarding existing ones, using the VEX token.
"For companies that want to take advantage of the VEXANIUM platform and want to create digital tokens on their applications are required to purchase a large number of VEXANIUM digital tokens, VEX, because each transaction is using the token, included in transaction fees," Danny states. This will be facilitated via the VEX web and mobile apps.
In an exciting move, the VEXANIUM marketplace plans to be fully functional and open to merchants and individual users in Indonesia by Q4 2018. VEXANIUM will complete the establishment of the ecosystem by launching VEXchange and VEXplorer by Q2 2019. Merchants and enterprise users can create voucher tokens and start their marketing campaigns all seamlessly via the one-stop mobile app.
VEXANIUM founder and CEO Danny Baskara previously built and sold Indonesia’s largest voucher and couponing platform Evoucher, which was with more than 2 million active users. After 7 years of building Evoucher, the founders realized that the blockchain can solve the fundamental problems of this industry. The idea for the VEXANIUM ecosystem was born.
VEXANIUM will revolutionize this space by bringing the voucher and couponing industry on-chain. The immutability, liquidity and decentralized nature of VEXANIUM will revolutionize this market while introducing a whole new wave of retailers and users to the blockchain era.
A number of angel investors are already backing VEXANIUM, such as Marcus Yeung, founder and CEO of SEAbridge, and Joseph Aditya, CEO of Ralali, the largest B2B marketplace portal in Indonesia.
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